Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Reset Canon IP 1980

To perform Full Tank Ink Resetter on IP in 1980 is usually the indicator light on the power and resume blinking repeatedly do when that happens the next steps:

First. Turn on the printer Canon iP1900
2. Press and hold the resume button for 2 minutes.
3. Release the Resume button.
4. The printer will return to normal.
5. If still not normal too, do the steps as for manual reset and Reset software

Steps for Manual Reset

First. Printer power cable plugs in a state separated
2. Press and hold down the power button with your index finger and then the input power cable
3. Still hold the power button, then press the middle finger Button reset button twice.
4. Release the power button
5. The printer is not blinking
6. At this stage you've completed the steps Manual Reset
7. In order to permanently software please use the Reset.

Download software Resseter Printer IP 1980 (Ziddu)
Download software Resseter Printer IP 1980 (Easy-Share)

Do his steps as follows:

First. Make sure all files are free of attribute Read Only.
2. Run GeneralTool.exe GeneralTool iP1900
3. USB Port select the port on your printer.
4. Click the Lock Release
5. Select (check) the EEPROM CLEAR
6. Provide blank paper for printing. Then Click the Test Pattern 1
7. Finish your IP1900 Printer back to normal.

Excuse me add a little more because there are still many that have not been successful when resetting the printer when it was completed in 1980 is reset at stage 6. after reset and turn off the printer and then restart the printer indicator lights blink on a resume is still a long time. COMAND is due to play and Platen reseternya on software not in the press. Do not forget to press play button and when complete platennya reset but if the indicator is green resume and blinked several times a long time. try reset again and press play button and platennya. for anethere free reset here

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