Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Toshiba NB255-N245, I get a blank screen

Try this followind method to get rid of Black Screen Problems.

1 . Take out your Laptop Battery
2. Remove your AC Adaptor Cord, that's the wall power, remove it.
3. Now hold down the Power Button for 30 Seconds
4. Then Plug your Battery and Plug it on the wall power
5. Then Power ON your laptop

if problems persist dont forget to leave some comment to solve your problems.
And I'll post some another tips


  1. Same here. I still get a blank screen. My power LED will light up for about 5 seconds, but then goes out. Nothing appears on the screen. No noise.
    If I hold down Fn + B, then hit the power button I can get the Power LED to stay lit, but still blank screen.

    1. Ever get this fixed?

  2. i have a black screen on my Toshiba NB255,I already tried the following method by holding the power on for 30 sec. removing the battery but still I get bank screen.what should I do,pls help me to solved this.